Monday, April 18, 2011

Processes in software service companies

There are companies which create software products. And there are companies that provide software services. And if you notice, the software services companies follow a lot more processes than product companies. These processes are not free, and clients end up paying for them.

But are they worth it?

And why are there extra processes in the first place?

When you are working on many different projects, things do go wrong at times. Supposing things do go wrong and the services company is not able to keep up its end of the contract, what does the client do? They refuse to pay.

You are a company with a software division and they have been doing a good job of it for a while. The team has a set of processes in place and they work well. Then, you decide to save costs and outsource to this big software services company, and suddenly the new team follows a million extra processes that you know you don't need.

So, why are you stuck with processes that you don't want?

No one likes to work and not be paid. All the extra processes that you are forced to follow, are for one reason only. So that they can say, "It's not our fault".

But then again, if you are working for a services company, and are in a position to say "It's not our fault", please don't. Remember that if its not your fault, its your clients. And no one likes to be told that its their fault either!

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