Friday, April 15, 2011

Bangalore's beggars

Lets see what skills beggars at Bangalore's traffic signals have -

  • They know how to identify potential clients.
  • They get as much as possible from each client.
  • They are very persistent with each client.
  • They know when a client says no at first, but will pay on pestering them for longer.
  • They follow through until the clients actually pay up.
  • Once they realize that a client won't pay, they accept it, stop wasting time and quickly move on.

Of course there must be other advantages such as low salaries, and willingness to work long hours in the sun.

I wonder if any NGO or company is looking at getting them proper jobs...


Nitilaksha M Shetty said...

lol.. :) Good One.. Its true!!!

Nam Nguyen Van said...

Bss commerce
Thanks for sharing your experience.