Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Getting the best out of someone

I was at the barber shop, and he asked me how I wanted him to cut my hair. And I had my opinions, and I started telling him exactly how I wanted it. He didn't understand what I said, so he asked me questions, and wanted me to explain.

I was tired, and didn't really have the patience, so that day, I said, "Just do what you think is best."

And he spent a long time on that hair cut. Even when I thought it was done, he would go on and cut that one hair which was a little bit longer over there.

And then he asked me one more question, and this time, I told him, "I already told you, just do what you think is best."

And that's when he told me, "Yes, you said that. That's why I'm putting all my heart into this haircut."

If you want someone to put their heart and soul into a job, just tell them that that's what you expect from them. Don't tell them how to do their job. They'll  ask you for help if they need it, they'll figure it out.

Trust people to do their best!

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