Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to make dosas

Get up early in the morning.

Wash 3 cups rice, 2 cups boiled rice, 1 cup pesarapappu (urad dal) and a handful of menthi seeds.
Mix them all and soak them in water in a vessel.

Come home from work in the evening, and go straight to the kitchen.

Put the seeds in a mixie along with some water. Take all the batter and put it in a vessel. Keep it next to the stove and leave it overnight for fermenting.

Next morning, add some salt, and mix.

And you are ready to start making your dosas.

Take a non stick tawa, and keep a cup of oil and a wooden ladle ready. Put the tawa on a stove on a small flame, put some oil on it and spread the oil.

Take a big ladle with a flattish base and use it to pour one cupful of batter onto the tawa. Spread it going in a circle from the center to the outside until it is reasonably thin. Don't make it too thin, or the dosa will get stuck to the tawa. Raise the flame on the stove, and wait till it starts becoming brown. Reduce the flame on the stove. Use the ladle to raise the dosa from the tawa, and turn it around. Fry it a little bit.

The first dosa is ready.

Before making the next one, take an onion, and cut off the base. Rub the onion on the tawa. This helps prevent the next dosa from sticking to it.

Enjoy your dosa! You deserve it after working so hard!

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