Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More efficient night shelters

I was at Charity IT recently, a weekend event where developers help charities with IT projects. The projects selected are small and can be delivered by a small team in 2 days. We have a team member from the charity sitting with us througout, and answering any questions that we have.

One of the charities we worked with is the Wellington Night Shelter. They provide beds for the homeless, and we helped them speed up their reporting. The reports are used to generate more funds.

Many homeless people struggle to find a place to stay out of the wind, the rain and the cold. The night shelter starts admissions at 5:30 PM and there is a queue when it opens. It gets full quickly, and many people are left out at the end of the day to fend for themselves.

While there are so many buildings that are empty at nights.

I realized this last evening, I was walking past a school, and it was closed. It struck me that schools all over the world are closed at nights.

What a waste!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Would you pay someone to wash your car

I recently saw a a little girl and her brother carrying signs on a roadside -


A few adults stood next to a tap nearby with buckets, a pipe and soap.

These people were willing to work hard. But, they had no cars to wash. No one stopped.

It occurred to me that we need a way to bring together the people in a location who want their cars washed, and those who are willing to wash those cars.

I believe that, if it becomes as easy to call someone over to wash your car, as it is to drive your car to the nearest service station, a lot of people would do it.

What do you think? Would you pay someone to wash your car?